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Who is Sammybee Customs?


My name is Sammy, I live in England, UK with my wonderful husband and two beautiful children.

I have always loved art and drew whenever possible.

I took GCSE and A Level art at school, but from then on I have been totally self taught.

I started my own business in 2014 alongside a part time job while looking after our two small children.

I did pencil portraits of loved ones and pets. After a couple of years I tried my hand at customising a pair of Converse for a friend. I absolutely loved the feeling of painting on something so different. After posting the finished shoes on my Facebook page, it went crazy, and so my business turned to customisation.

I have been so lucky with the support from family, friends and my amazing customers.

I have been able to create bridal shoes, memorial shoes, birth announcements amongst many other amazing things.

In 2022 Sammybee Customs became my full time job, along side being a mum and wife.

For this, I will be forever grateful.



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